How to Find a DWI Defense Attorney in New York

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is considered as a serious offense, especially with road accidents consistently rising. Not only is the drunk driver a danger to himself, he can also damage property, seriously injure or even kill other people. That’s why punishments range from a fine and license suspensions to community service and jail time.

Finding a DWI Defense Attorney in New York

Should you find yourself in a position where you are being charged with a DWI, it’s best to consult the help of an experienced lawyer. A DWI defense attorney in New York will be experienced in dealing with the ins and outs of a DWI case, will have the connections to help you out, and can guide you on how to best approach this case.

To help your find a great DWI attorney in New York, here are some tips you can try:

Seek Recommendations

If a friend, family member or you have been in a DWI incident before and you have successfully navigated away from the serious penalties, then you should look into hiring that lawyer again. Chances are he will be able to replicate that result.

Look at Work History

If you or people you know have never been in this situation before, the next best thing is to research a lawyers’ work history. How many DWI cases have they handled? Were they successful in most of them? How is their relationship with the courts in New York? These are all important considerations to think of before hiring a DWI lawyer.

Check Online

In the digital age, all lawyers — at least those who actively represent clients — are online. Check out their profile or site. You can even countercheck it with licensing and award-giving bodies in the state. They should be listed there too.

There are also sites where a pool of different DWI lawyers advertise themselves. Most of them will include reviews and star ratings, so at least you have some reference to base your decision on.

Approach a Referral Service

If you’re unsure about the profiles you’re seeing online, you can also a go to a referral service and choose from their pool of lawyers. They usually have a great selection of lawyers with a significant amount of wins on their belts to qualify for service like this.

Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can try these approaches until you find a lawyer that best suits your needs and the context of your case. Before hiring anyone, make sure they have the experience to win your case or at least lower your penalties. If not, keep looking.


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