Drive Safe and Sober This Thanksgiving

When the Holiday Season rolls in, the merriment sometimes dulls your observation skills, reason, and boundaries. You have a beer before dinner, a few glasses of wine while enjoying the turkey, a few shots while playing Thanksgiving games and few more glasses of wine while listening to your Nana’s stories. By the end of it, those “few” glasses have now accumulated to a lot. Whether you admit it or not, you’re inebriated, and you shouldn’t be driving.  Instead of getting to the point where you need a lawyer in New York, you might try some of these tips first.

Drive Safe This Thanksgiving Season So You Don’t Need a Lawyer in New York

Since this article is not about bursting your Holiday bubble, it will outline a few tips to help you enjoy this Thanksgiving without putting yourself and those around you in grave danger.

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If you’re not in a rush or don’t have plans the following day, stay the night. That way you can have fun all you want, without worrying how you’ll get home after. Not only are you keeping yourself safe, you’re also spending more time with your family, partner or friends.

Assign a Designated Driver

For those who absolutely have to get home, appoint a designated driver who is happy to skip the drinks and focus on the fun. Come up with a name before the festivities start, so others in the group are also aware not to encourage that person to drink. Whether that’s your boyfriend or your sister, make sure that they’re responsible enough to stay true to their word and get you home safely.

Download a Car Service App

There are so many apps now, like Uber, which can pick you up from wherever you’re celebrating and drive you home. Download one or two on your phone, so you’re not tempted to drive when you’re already drunk just because you have not other means of getting home.

Hand Your Keys Over

If you’re planning to drink, ask your mom or your friend to hold on to the keys of your car. Lack of access is usually the best way to prevent a reckless decision to drive your car into the busy Thanksgiving traffic despite being over the legal limit. You can even decide to leave your car at home, so you won’t have any keys or drunk driving to worry about.

Listen to Your Body

Your body knows your limits, and if you go out every now and then, so do you. There are signs of drunkenness like visual impairment, stumbling, and dizziness. If any of these start showing up, do not drive. Sit where you are, and call a friend to pick you. Celebrating Thanksgiving includes making sure you’re here to enjoy it again next year.


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