Looking Out for Your Tenants This Holiday Season

As a landlord or owner of a building, you are responsible for your tenants. You make sure the property — especially the common areas and amenities — are safe and working. All repairs and maintenance go through you, and how you go about your job and respect tenant rights can determine whether a tenant stays or goes.

Respect Tenant Rights This Holiday Season with These Tips

A lot of tenants end up moving despite liking the property because the landlord or the owner neglects them. Conversely, there are people who have stayed in their building for years despite the average size, interior and facilities because they feel safe and cared for.

tenant rights

The Holiday Season is a great opportunity for you to look out for your tenants. Try these easy tips to show them that you care.

Install Safety Precautions

Because a lot of people will be plugging in fairy lights and other electric decorations, make sure your apartments have a GFCI outlet. It lessens the occurrence of short-circuiting wires that can lead to a fire. Once that’s installed, make sure to encourage your tenants to use that outlet to plug in their Christmas decorations.

Checking on smoke detectors and fire extinguishers is also a good idea because there’s a lot of cooking during the holiday season. Usually, people get distracted and forget — causing smoke and fire. Smoke detectors help.

Check the Pipes

If you leave in the colder states of the country, you should regularly check on the pipes as they can get frozen over the winter months. The pipes could burst, flooding some of your tenants’ rooms and not having water in others.

The last thing your tenants will want is to have repairmen littering their parties or to focus on getting things fixed when they have the holiday season around the corner. Your gift to them is to make sure that this never happens.


During times of merriment, burglaries and other crimes tend to happen. Most perpetrators take advantage of the fact that people are focused on partying or enjoying their company. That’s when they do their dirty work. You need to be vigilant for instances like this. Even just by installing CCTV cameras in the hallway or making sure they have emergency numbers in their homes or in the hallways will make a huge difference. You can also host meetings on how to ensure your tenant’s safety. They will appreciate it.

Ensure your tenants’ continued happiness and contentment this holiday season with these tips!  Which one will you try?


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