Charged With a DUI? Here’s What Comes Next

Even if you haven’t been charged with a DUI, it’s important to know what could happen once you get on the road. If you’re convicted with a DUI or DWI in Long Island, here’s what will happen next and what you should do.

You will be arrested

If you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over .08% then you can get convicted with a DUI in all 50 states. In the event you fail a breathalyzer, you’ll be placed into the back of a cop car, your car will be towed, and you will have to enter the booking process. The booking process constitutes a mugshot and your fingerprints will be taken. You might have to stay in jail unless a friend or relative bails you out (pays your fine) and drives you home. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re out of legal trouble.

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You will have to go to court and face penalties

When you’re arrested, you will have to appear in court on a specified date in order to be convicted of DUI charges. It is necessary to obtain a DUI lawyer or another criminal attorney in Long Island to defend your case, especially if you’re under the legal drinking age of 21. Nearly 11% of accidents influenced by drugs or alcohol that resulted in death were because of drivers under the age of 21. Your criminal attorney in Long Island will help you understand the local laws regarding your conviction and help you receive a lighter sentence.

Missing your court date is a serious offense. Be sure to attend on the day of court and dress in a professional manner before the judge. In the event that you’re charged with a DUI or DWI, you may lose your driver’s license, serve jail time, pay a fine, and go to school for drunk driving prevention education.

What you should do

After you hire a reliable criminal attorney in Long Island, make your social media accounts private. Even if you have never posted anything “bad” on social media, the prosecutor can use anything you have posted as incriminating evidence against you, especially if you have photos or posts from the night of the arrest.

You should also find a reliable witness to testify on your behalf, preferably one that was with you around the time of your traffic violation. This can strengthen your argument against the case and prove to the jury that you’re innocent of the crime. Talk to your DUI lawyer in Long Island to discuss your case and assess your options. DUI convictions can be scary, but utilizing a trained professional is the first step to understanding the process.

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