Be Alert on the Road This Holiday Season

Regardless of the season, you should be alert and focused when you’re driving. However, because in most places in the country, there’s snow and rain during this time, it’s best to be extra careful.

There’s also a high possibility that the roads you’ll be driving on are very busy — with drivers rushing to pick up gifts or heading home for reunion or family dinners. This is a recipe for disasters, especially if the focus on getting to the destination is higher than how it’s done.

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Our DUI Attorneys Warn You to Be Alert When Driving This Holiday Season

On top of that, parties and dinners where people can drink are more common. It’s happening everywhere — from office parties to high school best friends meeting and celebrating their year. There’s a lot to celebrate, and that usually translates to a lot of booze and a lot of people driving drunk or under the influence.  You don’t want your first call of the year to be one of our DUI attorneys, so we urge you to be safe this Holiday season.  Here’s how.

Don’t drink and drive.

With all these factors coming in to play, you need to be extra vigilant when you’re behind the wheel. Not only should you make sure you’re completely sober when you drive, you should be aware of your surroundings even more than usual. You have to be awake and alert for unexpected circumstances — like speedy vehicles and slippery roads. You can’t be in control if you’re drunk and barely coherent.

Buckle up.

Cars have seatbelts for a reason. They’re even more useful when the possibility of being in an accident is higher, so it’s best to wear them all the time no matter how close a distance you’re driving.

Take rest stops.

For those who are driving long distances this Holiday season, take rest stops — especially when you start to feel exhausted and sleepy. Falling asleep at the wheel is not only a danger to you but also the other cars driving close to you. Don’t put yourself and other people in harm’s way.

If you’re not a fan of roadside motels, you can plan out your stops. Pick out areas you know are trustworthy.

Slow down.

No matter how alert you are, there are things you won’t notice when you’re driving too fast — like that child crossing the street or the car that stopped right in front of yours. Even if you do notice them, you will likely not have enough time to react and stop an accident from happening.

Eyes on the road.

This rule should go without saying, but so many people still don’t follow it. Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t text, take photos or post on social media while you’re driving. If it’s so important, pull over and do whatever you have to do. Don’t try to multitask. You’re just endangering yourself and others.


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