The Truth About Probation Violation for Juveniles

With youth, often comes the feeling of invincibility.  Many times, due to lack of attention or even just poor explanation, juveniles do not fully grasp the consequences of probation violation.  It’s important that this is understood before the probationary period begins.

Understanding Consequences of Probation Violation for Juvenile Offences

Probation is a trial sentence assigned to those who have committed a crime.  It is meant as an alternative to jail time.

consequences of probation violation

The term probation violation is used to describe when an individual does not follow the set rules of their probation.  These rules are different for each individual and are made on a case-by-case basis.  If the rules of probation are violated, the consequences can be severe.  In fact, the consequences are more severe than if the offense were committed without the probation.

Each case is assigned a probation officer, who is responsible for overseeing the terms of the probation.  The probation officer makes reports to the court, and ensures that the terms of the probation are met through a series of regular checks, meetings, and sometimes drug tests.

A violation of probation can be reported from an outside party or discovered by the probation officer.  Either way, the probation officer receives the report and determines the next step.  They can issue a warning for the violation, or require the individual to appear in court. After the individual is sent to court, it is out of the probation officer’s hands, although they may be heard and make recommendations. a judge will hear the case of their violation and we’ll determine sentencing.  The prosecutor’s job is to prove that the violation was committed and provide evidence to support the accusation.

In court, a judge will hear the case of the probationary violation and will decide on a sentence.  The prosecutor’s job is to prove that the violation was committed and provide evidence to support the accusation.  The judge’s ruling could result in anything from an extension of the period of your probation to actual jail time.  There are many factors in determining these results.

It’s important to have an attorney on your side in case of probation violation, and throughout your probation period to properly explain your rights and to defend you if needed.


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