What to Do When You’re Pulled Over for a DUI

DUI Laws in New York are strict.  Being pulled over and suspected of a DUI can be a terrifying experience with dire consequences.  If you are pulled over for a DUI, here are some basic rules of behavior you should follow.

When You Know the DUI Laws in New York, You Follow These Rules

Here are some things that you have to take a mental note of when you’re pulled over:

DUI laws in new york

Pull over with caution and precision.

The first thing that you have to understand is that pulling someone over is usually a judgment call. Do not give the officer any more reason to suspect that you are under the influence. Pull over with caution and at a safe spot. Remember that anything off or panicked about how you act goes straight into the police report, and that could be interpreted many different ways. This could even spell the difference between walking free or spending some time in jail.

Don’t struggle and Do stay polite.

Make sure that they know you don’t pose any threat to them, or else they will be forced to take further action. Since they will approach your car from the back, any sudden movements will be perceived as a threat. Stay in your seat, your hands on the wheel, and wait for them to come to you.

When they come to the side of your car, be polite. It pays to be liked, and that applies to this situation greatly. Many times, people will not be tested because they were very respectful and calm when they spoke to the police officer. The more hostile you are, the more likely that they will get your ID, ask you to take tests and collar you, because aggressive behavior is associated with being under the influence. If you’re hostile when being arrested, they can even charge you with resisting arrest. That’s in addition to the possibility of a DUI.

Refuse on site testing

Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to take any field tests to prove your sobriety. These tests are often proven to be wrong, ineffective and incriminating. In most instances, it’s up to the officer to gauge whether you pass or not. The same goes for handheld breathalyzers. In many cases, they get thrown out of evidence because they’re inaccurate and have a tendency to skew results. If they insist on testing, ask that you get a chemical test at the police station.



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