Juvenile Crime Trends in the U.S.

There are mixed, almost polarizing sentiments when it comes to juvenile delinquency in America. Some people believe that these kids who have committed crimes, especially those that require deliberation and planning, have to be tried as adults and made examples out of. That way, kids, and teenagers their age will think twice about committing the same crimes. On the other end, there are those who defend the mental state of the kids – being young, impressionable and prone to bad choices. They believe that these kids should be treated with mercy, compassion, and understanding.

Juvenile Crime Defense is Used for These Situations

This long-standing debate has led to research and discussions that mostly boil down to where the kids are best helped so they won’t do it again. Would they benefit from a hard, restrictive punishment that protects society from the likes of the juvenile? It’s both a deterrent and vindicating for the victims. Should they be rehabilitated in a youth detention center or some other facility? In that approach, you are giving them an opportunity to shape up, especially those kids who never had the opportunity have that structure.

juvenile crime defense

Generally, there are two types of juvenile offenses. The first is a status offense, which is commonly defined as the crimes most adults wouldn’t do. That means teenagers do this because of their lack of experience or bad judgment, like truancy. The other type of crime that minor’s commit are a criminal law offense, which are akin to crimes adults would engage in. More than 90% of minors who commit the second type of offense will for to jail for it.

What these children and teenagers need is someone on their side who understands the legal repercussions and can act as a defense. This is why parents are urged to keep their kids in school, where those authorities abound. Statistics show that kids are more likely to commit crime outside of school than within its premises. Also, those who are more engaged with their school work are often unable to devote time to anything else. Understanding these themes and trends allow lawyers to provide adequate defense in order to give second chances to those who would otherwise not receive the opportunity.

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